10 Practical Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

By 7th October 2015 GRK No Comments

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is a room that has to be ready for just about anything these days, from its primary purpose of preparing, cooking and enjoying meals, to temporary homework station and a social space fit for impromptu gatherings of all kinds!

With a well-organised and tidy kitchen, you will feel ready for anything as everyday tasks will be accomplished more efficiently. Kitchens can be both gorgeous and super practical, when their design  has been built around clever storage solutions.

Take inspiration from some of the following ideas from our bespoke GRK kitchens, sometimes the smallest of details can make a huge difference to the way a space works for you and your family…

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1. A pull out knife block keeps your knifes safely organised, avoiding the potential for accidents when searching around in a drawer for them. Use a child lock if necessary to keep inquisitive little ones safe from harm.


2. A crockery drawer like this one is an excellent use of space as it enables you to access all areas of the drawer quickly and easily – far more practical than a cupboard where things at the back are out of sight.


3. These bins are nothing short of fantastic and can be mounted into any type of work top for a seamless look. Disappear general waste or use it as a composting bin.


4. This bespoke drawer creates the perfect storage for spices and herbs and allows you to scan all of the labels quickly and easily so that you can find the ones you are looking for in half the time!


5. This tiny butchers block on wheels features a useful drawer and a pull out bin, creating an extra workspace, drawer, and waste receptacle wherever you need it.


6. Larder cupboard are not just for large kitchens, they are great in smaller kitchens too, creating a great deal of useful storage space. In fact most people find that once they have one, they cannot imagine coping without it! – additional storage can be utilised on the back of the doors too with bespoke shelving.


7. You can fit a wine rack in just about anywhere, in fact its a great use of a narrow space, even if you are only able to squeeze one run in, you will have plenty of space for some lovely bottles of vino!


8. An organised cutlery drawer is bliss compared to having a jumbled up, ‘lucky dip’ type drawer to contend with! Bespoke drawers can be designed to fit items of any size or shape.


9. Whether you wish to display cookery books, crockery, glassware or decorative items, open shelves are an ideal choice, providing you with versatile storage space.


10. Decent quality chopping blocks will last a lifetime providing you look after them well. In this GRK kitchen they are neatly stored in the face of the central kitchen island, making great use of the space within the cabinet.

Hopefully we have given you a few ideas about how to design your next kitchen or adapt your current one!