5 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Home In An Afternoon!

By 15th May 2016 GRK No Comments

1. Style A Forgotten Area That Might Otherwise Be Overlooked

You will typically find several places around the home that would benefit from a little styling to create an interesting focal point within the space. Deep windowsills, nooks, shelves and side cabinets are the type of place to consider. The owner of this Pippy Oak  Kitchen opted for a stylish vignette on a low shelf on their kitchen island, making great use of the space in terms of storage and visual interest.

pippy oak

2. Rearrange The Furniture

Sometimes you can create a surprisingly different look using the exact same pieces you already have in your home, simply by rethinking your layout and moving a few items around.

Don’t be afraid to bend the rules by experimenting with unexpected layouts that others might consider unconventional. This is the best way to create a homely space that is both interesting and individual!


3. Hang, Or Rearrange Your Artwork

We love the way this kitchen manages to combine such a laid back vibe with polished style. The choice of artwork ties in seamlessly with the space creating a fabulous composition that feels effortlessly chic. Kitchens may not be the first room in the home that springs to mind when it comes to artwork, however as you can see artwork absolutely deserves a place in a room that we frequent so much!

You may have a piece stashed away in the attic that would add interest to one of your rooms, but failing that – it might be worth considering moving a few key pieces around to update and change your look once in a while.

art work

4. Create Ambiance With A Bold Paint Colour

Choose a beautiful, bold paint colour to adorn your furniture, a feature wall or an entire space with!  In this recent GRK kitchen the wall behind the sink run features a deep, saturated  shade that creates an enveloping vibe and a great deal of gorgeous, moody ambiance in one fell swoop!


5. Add Vibrancy To A Tired Space With A Delicious Pop Of Colour!

Bright cabinets steal the show in this Cornish Blue kitchen creating a wonderful contrast with the surrounding white walls that are swathed in natural light. The blue also works incredibly well with the solid Maple worktops.

GRK Port Navas36

So if your home is feeling a little dull and lacking in colour, why not choose a few of your favourite hues to introduce in your furniture, fabrics and accessories, adding an injection of life and colour to your home… It is possible to beautify your home quickly and inexpensively and our post may have inspired you with a few ideas of your own!