Maximise Space With Bespoke Understairs Storage

The area beneath your stairs provides an often-overlooked space that can be used in a multitude of exciting ways. Indeed, in many a busy hallway, an understair opportunity awaits—perfectly situated to house additional storage for organisation of everyday items. Depending on the layout of your home and the dimensions of the understairs area, there are […]

Recipe: Mushroom Croquettes

By Shahnaz Radjy Here’s an amazing recipe for one of the best fall appetizers I know. It’s courtesy of Menno Simon, the phenomenal chef from Vinha da Manta, a gorgeous glamping in rural Portugal. If you’ve foraged the wild mushrooms yourself, they will taste the best, but otherwise, see what’s on offer at your closest […]

Designing The Ultimate Larder Cabinet

Chiado Kitchen - spice rack detail on larder door

Once you have a generous Larder Cabinet in your kitchen, you will wonder how you ever coped without it and if you are currently in the process of designing a complete new kitchen with an enviable larder or planning an additional cabinet to enhance your existing kitchen, then you have definitely come to the right […]

Caring For Your Bespoke Kitchen

After lovingly conceptualising and realising your beautiful new bespoke kitchen, the boundless enjoyment of using and taking ownership of this exciting new space awaits. However, during this exploratory time, it is also important to master the art of caring for your one-of-a-kind installation. As you know, a unique kitchen created by the team here at […]

Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of George Robinson Kitchens

When George boldly began his namesake kitchen company in 2002, he built upon a wonderful and storied family heritage within the sphere of artisanal craft and carpentry. However, even with such strong foundational roots, he could never have imagined the incredible journey of creativity and compassion that lay mapped out before him. In the years […]

Divine Peach Crumble

It is always fun to see the first fruit of the summer season turn ripe on the tree. George’s avid enthusiasm for gardening is something that has rubbed off on the team over the years, and the gleeful swapping of recipes to make the most of our home-grown or locally sourced produce has become something […]

Tips for Designing a Show-Stopping Kitchen

The kitchen is undeniably the hub of any home, with families spending more time in this area than in any other room in the house. Furthermore, it seems that the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of any house for potential purchasers too, as according to the experts, with the right design, you […]

How To Host The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Party

What could be more romantic than whipping up Christmas magic in the kitchen, and serving it to your nearest and dearest? It’s certainly a wonderful endeavour that offers huge reward, in seeing the eyes of your guests light up!

Create A Clutter Free Zone

A growing number of people are realising just how liberating it can be to own fewer things and have fewer things around you. Over time, many of us  appreciate that material abundance is really not all it is cracked up to be, realising that gathering ‘things’ is not the key to happiness. Learning techniques to […]