Bathroom Storage Ideas

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The only way to keep your bathroom looking streamlined and tidy is to have some clever and efficient storage that will enable you to organise any unsightly clutter behind the scenes.

On top of the more bulky items like loo rolls, clean towels and the dirty linen basket, there will also be an endless list of those must have items like hairbrushes and razors that you don’t necessarily want on display.

A decent bathroom cabinet is an obvious solution for storing toiletries, toothbrushes, lotions and potions, but in a family bathroom, this often does not quite cut it!

One of the most effective ways to boost the storage in your bathroom so that you can stash plenty of items away without making the space look cluttered is to opt for bespoke furniture and cabinetry. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, made to measure shelving and furniture will help you to maximise your bathroom storage, working around the constraints of any awkward shapes or areas with ease.

Planning The Design

Think about the sorts of items you wish to display and decide what you want to store away. Plump towels, decorative items and bath oils can look great on open shelving adding a bit of interest and personality to the room and making it look more homely.

Cleaning products and other items with less aesthetic appeal are best stashed away out of sight.


The stylish open shelving in this GRK bathroom is combined with a bespoke vanity unit and a seating area fitted with deep drawers, giving the home owner plenty of options for displaying items that are in regular use and lots of space for tucking other bits and pieces away in cupboards and drawers.


This GRK bathroom may be relatively small, but the deep space inside the vanity unit houses plenty of the owners bathroom accessories comfortably and the glass shelf above the toilet creates a stylish display area without being visually obstructive.

Clutter Free

This painted Oak bathroom features a bespoke vanity unit with double sink, a wonderful option for those who have the space! The open shelving allows for the display of a few carefully chosen decorative objects and everything else is kept organised and out of sight, creating a light and airy, clutter free space.



Think Outside The Box

Use your imagination to create a look that suits your style and budget. Reclaimed wood from a salvage yard or a previous project could be up cycled to create new doors or shelving in your bathroom and has great character.

You could also consider re purposing items to create additional storage in your bathroom. Vintage apple crates make great shelving for the bathroom and can be grouped together to create an attractive and functional storage area. Even items like vintage suitcases or trunks can create crucial additional storage whilst injecting a huge dose of personality into your scheme.

Try looking on Pinterest for some inspired ideas to spark your creativity and do get in touch with us if you are interested in bespoke furniture or cabinetry for your bathroom or any other area in  your home!