Big Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

Searching online or through interiors magazines for inspiration for a new kitchen can be a frustrating experience for those of us who are working with an average sized kitchen as opposed to one of those huge spaces that are a similar size to a battlefield.

Large spacious kitchens may be a desirable feature, but the reality is that many of us are a little tight on space in our homes and must therefore find ways to be creative, using every single inch to maximise the full potential of the room.

Size Isn’t Everything

Providing it is designed in a way that makes it perfect in terms of its performance, painstakingly tailored to fit your needs and drop dead gorgeous to boot, your small and perfectly formed kitchen can still pack a huge punch!

Here is a collection of our best advice and tips to help you achieve great design results in a smaller space:

Light Should Be A Key Consideration In Your Interior Design

It is surprising how often the importance of natural light / great lighting is overlooked in interior design and in a smaller space this element becomes more important than ever. Use lighting imaginatively to create the appearance of a larger space, combining focussed and recessed lighting to make the space look brighter and larger.

Make the most of all natural light by allowing it to flood the room during the day. Simplify any window treatments so that the light can pour in, free of obstruction.


Reflective Surfaces

Incorporating glass, mirror, metallic or any other shiny surfaces into your kitchen design helps to bounce light and can increase the perception of space. Mirrored backsplashes and tiles or glass-fronted cabinets provide you with the sort of reflective surfaces that expand the sense of space in your kitchen perfectly.


Choose Space Saving Appliances

These days there are plenty of compact and space saving appliances to choose from for the kitchen, giving consumers the opportunity to find appliances that tick all of the right boxes in terms of budget, lifestyle and space. Skinny refrigerators, convenient fridge drawers and compact dishwashers are just a few options you could consider when planning your new kitchen.


Reach For The Sky!

Tall buildings are built in cities to make the most efficient use of the space and this exact same logic can be applied to kitchen design. By building tall cabinets that use the full height of the room, you can fit a huge amount of storage into a much smaller floor plan. Large, tall cabinets are not just for spacious kitchens, they are an ideal feature for small kitchens too.


Choose Your Furniture Carefully

Avoid chunky looking furniture that can appear too visually heavy in a small space,  opting instead for slender designs that offer a clear line of sight. It is well worth including versatile pieces that double up as storage or provide dual function if you can.

Bench seating with storage, a butchers block that tucks away under the counter when not in use, or stackable stools are just a few suggestions of ways to get the most from every available inch!

Talking Of Inches

Awkward spaces typically end up being wasted because they are the wrong angle for a run, or it turns out to be far too tricky to find a kitchen cupboard with a triangle shaped door, but bespoke design really comes into its own when it comes to using every inch and overcoming those mind boggling design challenges.

Triangular doors to fit into the eaves, integrated chopping boards or tiny spice drawers to fill a narrow space are just a few examples of how bespoke cabinetry can help you to avoid wasted space.


Deep Counters

It may sound counterintuitive to fit deep cabinets in a small space but in some circumstances, this approach can really work. Deep cabinets can offer you more generous storage space on the inside and can allow for the fitting of a deeper worktop that will increase your prep and work space. If your tiny kitchen can only accommodate one run of cabinets comfortably, this can be an effective way to make the room work much more efficiently.

 Use Of Colour

The conventional approach for a small space is to use light colours that reflect the light and make the space feel larger, (a tried and tested approach that works well). You could take this theory a step further and apply the same colour to your painted cabinets and the walls, to eliminate visual boundaries and give the illusion of a larger space.

Those of you who prefer to use bold colour may prefer to explore the use of deep, dark tones of grey, navy or black to make a statement in the kitchen and create the illusion of space in a different way. With the right application, you can achieve the illusion of depth, as the dark hue tricks the eye into thinking that the cabinet or wall is further back than it actually is.

Zero Clutter

Nothing makes a space look more cramped and uncomfortable than unnecessary clutter, use all available storage to keep your items tucked away neatly when not in use and make sure that all of the kitchenalia remaining on view inside cabinets or open shelving is wonderfully organised and never crowded.


Small & Beautiful

A small kitchen may present you with a bit of a design challenge, but with careful planning and an experienced designer, even the tiniest of spaces can exceed your expectations in terms of both looks and performance!