Trends in kitchen design will always change more slowly than in other areas of the home because in terms of expense, kitchens are a long term investment.

It is however an incredibly really interesting time to be a kitchen designer right now.

Generally we are expecting this space to work harder than ever before and the fusion of different styles and accessories that are being injected into today’s kitchens is enabling people to express their style and personality in a way that genuinely compliments and enriches their lifestyle. .

Half way through 2014, we are observing the following key trends:

Backsplashes – whether patterned or neutral, backsplashes are becoming more of a statement piece with many designs incorporating large scale pieces in a variety of different materials, colours and textures.

Statement Lighting– perhaps my favourite element in many of the current designs is the way that unique light fittings are being used to contrast and coordinate with the other design elements in the room adding real depth and a playful sense of personality.

Large scale vintage and industrial fittings and combinations of different styles from different eras are being used creatively to make bold statements over dining areas, kitchen islands and cookers.

In the past lighting was solely functional, but now it has become a key focal point in many kitchens.


Colour– all of the neutral whites, off whites and greys remain popular in a combination of both warm and cooler tones, we are also seeing lots of rich blues and corals being introduced.

Open Shelving –There is an ever growing demand for open shelving, which is being used effectively to display all kinds of decorative items, glassware and crockery. This trend reflects the desire for a more open and flexible kitchen design.

This flexibility has allowed us to create far more personal spaces that provide us with the ideal backdrop for entertaining at home.

Smarter Storage– The elimination of upper cabinets in many kitchen designs has put a greater pressure on designers to come up with more efficient solutions for storage so that the space remains uncluttered and highly functional.

Drawers and pull out features play a key role in new designs because they make better use of all available space and make sure that even the most awkward of spaces can be accessed easily.

Sociable Spaces – Kitchens were once designed to be a primarily utilitarian space but now they are not just designed to be practical, useful spaces, they are being designed to connect seamlessly with the surrounding rooms in the home.

In the process of adding emotion to our kitchen designs, the majority of the old rules are being broken…