Choosing Your Worktop

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How do you go about choosing the right material for the worktop in a new kitchen? Our clients tend to go for either granite, glass, composite or solid wood and frequently we use a combination of two different types of worktop material to compliment the kitchen design by adding to the practicality and visual appeal.

Solid Wood

Solid wood with its visible grain adds instant texture and warmth to an interior, creating a look that suits any style of kitchen. Wooden worktops are usually coated with several layers of linseed oil or Danish oil to seal and protect their surface, making the material more durable and stain resistant.


The surface may need to be recoated several times over the first few months of use, to make sure it is fully sealed. To keep your wooden worktops looking their best it is crucial to refrain from ever cutting directly on their surface; protective mats are necessary to prevent scorch marks being made by hot pans taken straight from the stove.



Composite quartz surfaces are a popular option in our bespoke kitchens. Low maintenance, durable and incredibly hygienic this excellent material is a very practical choice. As well as being beautiful, it is ideal for use in high traffic areas around the oven and the sink.


Composite worktops are available in a substantial variety of colours and finishes.



A traditional and striking choice, granite is a timeless looking material that makes a great choice for any style of kitchen. Granite is a low maintenance material, unless you opt for a glossy black, which is incredibly eye catching and gorgeous, but must be polished dry after cleaning to avoid streaks on the surface.


Citric acids and wine can compromise the surface of granite and therefore any spills must be cleaned off straight away to avoid any damage to your worktop.


Glass Composite

A beautiful material with flecks of colour that reflect the light. Made from recycled glass this low maintenance, hard wearing material is scratch resistant and a sustainable choice for the environment.

glass composite worktop

Struggling To Choose?

Be sure to look into the maintenance and durability when choosing a worktop for your kitchen as whatever you opt for needs to be able to stand up to everyday wear and tear and you may not want to spend time oiling or polishing your worktop.

If you are having difficulty choosing just one, why not go for a combination of several that you love. Choose from any of the materials above, unless of course you are drawn to stainless steel, or concrete…


Decisions, decisions!