A Kitchen That Is Quite Unlike Any Other!

Starting from scratch and planning a brand new bespoke kitchen is such a wonderful opportunity.

You get to add a dash of this and a splash of that to create a unique and personal space that is quite unlike any other!

A Touch Of Glamour


This cabinets in this glamorous GRK kitchen are painted in soft pastel ‘ice cream’ colours and adorned with an eclectic mix of the owners decorative and functional pieces, creating a funky, yet family friendly space.

The Georgian roots of the property are honoured and embraced with a selection of tall individual units that have a distinctly aged feel to them, taking full advantage of the high ceiling space!

The result is a quirky, grown up space that oozes charm and makes you feel immediately at home. *Insert happy sigh here*

A Versatile Space That Works For Everyone


Be utterly inspired by this cool, traditional-meets-modern kitchen, with its stunning light fixture and cool grey colour palette. This bespoke kitchen was clearly designed with both style and function in mind. Plenty of storage to keep the surfaces clear of kitchenalia, practical granite worktops, and a hob in the kitchen island with a ‘secret’ spice rack positioned behind it, making the space sociable whilst cooking and entertaining.

This great looking kitchen works hard too; it is a versatile space that works for everyone.

Of course being blasted with sunlight through multiple windows in this double aspect room is simply the icing on the cake!

Break The Rules 

The downside of creating a totally unique, bespoke kitchen is that you have so many different decisions to make about every little design detail! But this of course means that you also have unlimited scope for creating a marvellous kitchen that is completely right for you, down to the smallest detail. There are no rules.

In the kitchen below we painted subtle stripes on the Oak veneered doors of the kitchen island, introducing a hint of colour in quite an unexpected way…



If you have a creative streak and a good eye for detail, then planning a brand new bespoke kitchen can be a hugely exciting and rewarding process.

With a great kitchen designer to offer advice and guidance, you are sure to create the kind of feel good space that you, your family and friends will, (quite understandably), want to spend a great deal of time in!