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The desire for flexible living spaces and open plan living has lead to a huge change in the way we design and redesign our interiors. Whilst some home owners prefer to have  designated separate rooms for cooking, dining and relaxing, many others are investing their money in homes with larger social areas instead.

Regardless of which type of layout you go for, the kitchen is undeniably the no.1 destination in any home that everyone heads to congregate and for this reason, the kitchen has to work harder than any other room in the home!

Aside from the obvious activities like preparing, cooking and eating food, the kitchen is often the  place where children like to complete their homework and talk about their day and  it is a favourite spot for a coffee or a glass of wine and quick catch-up with one another.

Our lives are so busy and nowadays with all of the modern technology we have to distract us in addition to juggling work, school and all of the other chaos, the kitchen is often the one space in which we can be close together and reconnect. This connection is crucial as without it we lose track of each other  and potentially our relationships can begin to suffer.

Kitchen tables are one of those pieces of furniture that traditionally become the centre of activity in a home, a place where memories are made. Celebratory meals, life changing letters, meaningful conversations, laughter and tears are often connected to the kitchen table and for that reason, no matter whether your kitchen is tiny or gigantic, making space for such a significant piece of furniture makes perfect sense.

Eating together around a table, (providing there are no technological distractions), creates a level of intimacy and relaxation that is important for our relationships, it encourages us to focus on each other and make eye contact. The traditional concept of the kitchen table is associated with comfort and homeliness.

In a small, or awkward shaped space it may feel difficult to incorporate this all important surface into your kitchen design, but before you write off the idea altogether, it is well worth considering all of your options.

With the right design, you would be surprised at what is possible, particularly with bespoke kitchen design, which opens up so many avenues for creativity and enables you to maximise all of the available space without design limitations.

Perhaps you have your heart set on having a kitchen island, but have limited space? You may have to look at the design from a different perspective and make your island work harder for you. Islands designs can incorporate sinks, hobs, fridges and integrated dining areas, so by thinking outside of the box you may be able to free up other areas in the room and make your design ideas work.

The design of your home has the power to change the way you feel and interact with each other, great design is not just about making things look gorgeous, it is about creating a space that is beautiful and functional.

Eye candy and total ease of use is an all round winning combination for a happy home and a strong focus on the way you will interact with each other and use a space plays a crucial role in any successful interior design.

If you are struggling to incorporate all of the design elements on your wish list into your kitchen design, it is well worth seeking advice from an experienced designer before you give up, you never know, perhaps they will come up with a kitchen design that will blow your mind!