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If you are planning to take the plunge and invest in a new kitchen this year, it is worthwhile investing some time to work out how you want your new kitchen to look, feel and function.

Last year we saw the emergence of some exciting trends in kitchen design and it has been refreshing to see the amount of personality and creativity that is being injected into today’s kitchens.

We all use our kitchens in very individual ways but the fact that we are all spending so much time in our kitchens these days, using it as a social, multifunctional space has lead to kitchens receiving the same attention to detail in terms of creativity and style, as any other space in the home.

Spacious and Airy

Above counter cabinets have largely been replaced with a combination of tall cabinetry and open shelving, creating a more look that increases the sense of space within the room and allows other design features within the space to take centre stage.

Open shelves are an incredibly practical solution for display purposes, but we are seeing an increase in the number of people using open shelving to store every items like crockery and glassware too. This is a very flexible way to personalise the space and make it feel more homely.


Add Visual Interest With Panelling

The clean lines of panelled cabinetry are a very simple but effective way to introduce eye-catching detail and movement to some of the surfaces in the kitchen. Try tongue and groove panelling, or why not add your own stripe detail as we did on these oak veneer doors to achieve a very similar effect and add visual interest to your cabinets.

panels grk

Express Yourself With Colour

The beauty of painted cabinets is that you get to express your style with a bold colour choice in a non-permanent way. When you decide it is time for a change a few years down the line all that is required is a light sand and a new lick of paint!

George Robinson Kitchens

Black is set to be a popular choice in the kitchen for 2015, making a sleek, sophisticated statement in the kitchen, on cabinets and worktops. We also expect to see an increase in the use of vibrant colour pops on key pieces of cabinetry this year, creating a strong focal point within the space, like this vibrant bohemian blue larder cabinet.

boho blue

If you prefer to stick to the neutral hues in your interior design try using several different shades of the same colour to inject depth and interest into the space in a more subtle way.


Gleaming Metallic’s

Lighting, extraction units, sinks and taps are anything but boring nowadays. The huge variety of options is staggering and it is always exciting to see the way each new kitchen is accessorised with the owner’s choice of appliances, fixtures and fittings. In 2015, we anticipate an increase in the use of the warmer metals, copper, bronze and gold, a trend that adds a wonderful touch of decadence and charm to the kitchen!


Natural Textures

Combining painted cabinetry with a natural wood finish allows homeowners to achieve a more contemporary look whilst enjoying the natural form of the wood. Woods including Walnut and Pippy Oak are proving popular choices for this mixed finish.

Honed granite and marble worktops have greater tactile appeal in their raw form adding to their visual appeal. We expect to see an increase in the use of both engineered and natural materials with a more textured finish in this year’s kitchen designs.

George Robinson Kitchens

A Marriage Of Modern and Traditional Styles

Homeowners are really mixing it up when it comes to the choices they are making with colours, materials and textures in the kitchen, marrying contemporary and traditional elements together to create a more individual look that reflects their personality.

Look at the emerging trends in kitchen design to spark your imagination but keep in mind that your kitchen is a relatively large investment that you want to get right first time. Rather than focussing too heavily on today’s trends, it is essential to design a kitchen that reflects the needs of you and your family in terms of looks and function to achieve a flexible design that will enhance your daily lives for generations.