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Every new GRK kitchen begins with the clients ideas about the way they wish this crucial space to look, function and fit in with their day to day lives…

One of the projects George is working on at the moment is a utility room and two separate kitchen areas in a home belonging to some great clients who wanted their cabinetry to tie in with their green home and environmentally conscious principles.

The kitchen design that George came up with based on the brief from the clients is incredibly slick and contemporary, with clean lines throughout and the majority of the materials used in the construction have been sourced locally.

The most environmentally friendly option would have been to use recycled hardwood, but this type of material can be very difficult to get hold of in a form and quantity that would suit the needs of the design. This meant that although it may not be the greenest option of all, birch plywood was one of the primary materials chosen, thanks to its sustainable properties. Plywood is a very durable material and popular with many designers and due to its versatility which opens up a broad range of design options.

For the face of the units, the choice was locally sourced Sycamore and has been complimented with Walnut Wood. careful consideration has been given to all materials selected, including the finishes. All finishes are low emission, natural water based products, chosen for their durable properties.

So far the project is going well and the cabinetry will shortly be painted in a combination of three fantastic Farrow and Ball shades, the clients have chosen:

  • Dovetail
  • Purbeck Stone &
  • Pavilion Grey

We are looking forward to seeing this environmentally conscious kitchen in situ, this low impact design is sure to result in a healthier, more sustainable and dare I say gorgeous kitchen that will match the clients energy efficient appliances and healthier way of living perfectly.

Below you will see some of the raw materials that have gone into this particular kitchen and the story so far. We will update you on this one shortly…!