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Whilst giving the larder cupboard a good sort this afternoon I came across a few jars of  wonderful ‘Drunken Cherries’ that I preserved back in June when we had cherries coming out of our ears.

I had completely forgotten about them but they are going to be wonderful to have in the cupboard this month with Christmas coming upon us.

Preserving fruit and vegetables from the garden for the winter is so rewarding but at times it can be frustratingly time consuming. Preserving fruit like this in alcohol however, could not possibly be any faster or easier!


These drunken cherries were preserved in brandy and because they were so deliciously sweet I decided not to add any sugar to the jar. I simply washed and dried the fruit, choosing only the most perfect looking cherries with no blemishes, removed the stalks and placed them into a large jar with two sticks of cinnamon. I filled the jar, leaving an inch or so space at the top, then poured brandy into the jar, covering the cherries entirely.

Then I put them on the top shelf of my larder cupboard, out of sight and out of reach and totally forgot about them!

The fruit is now completely and utterly sozzled, having absorbed the alcohol and the infused brandy has taken on the colour and the incredible scent of the sweet cherries, it smells amazing!

Simple and delicious. (I tried a couple just to make sure).

These would make a wonderful foodie gift at Christmas, or any time of the year and would look great with a cute tag and ‘pimped’ jar…