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Using vintage or antique pieces in your in interior design gives you an opportunity to inject some real personality and depth into the room you are furnishing.  The modern vintage look when executed successfully can be both eye catching and sophisticated, but how do you achieve this look without making your home look confused!?

Unexpected Pairings

Pairing an ultra modern pendant light or some contemporary chairs with an old farmhouse table is a great way to balance old and new. Or perhaps you could incorporate an antique washstand as the focal point in your modern bathroom design.  Be playful and creative with your interior and give it a little history and soul! If you are using several vintage items in the same room, be careful not to group them all together and make them look separate from the rest of the space.

Tie Your Vintage Find In With The Rest Of The Room

A vintage piece made from dark wood, will blend in discretely with other contemporary pieces of the same hue and of course fabrics and upholstery are an excellent way to tie old and new pieces together. Paint and accessory colours can be used to coordinate your interior in the same way, using similar tones or complimentary shades to pull the whole look together.

Finding Your Perfect Piece

There are tons of options when shopping for your perfect vintage piece, you could try looking online on sites such as Etsy, Preloved and EBay, or alternatively you could try visiting a good flea market or auction house. You may of course already own a vintage piece you want to incorporate in your interior design.

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Create An Individual Look

Blending the old with the new allows you to create a look for your home that is unique to you and expresses your style and personality. Getting the ‘modern vintage look’ right will require a creative eye and a good sense of humor, but an interesting juxtaposition of styles will help you to make your home a more fun and stylish space to enjoy.

If You Really Cannot Find What You Are Looking For

If you have spent ages trying to find a particular piece of vintage furniture and have had no luck, you could consider ‘cheating’ by commissioning a bespoke piece. With a picture of what you want or even a simple sketch, a skilled craftsman would be able to create a piece with the design and specifications you need. No one need ever know!!