I guess I should begin by telling you that my interest in grey has absolutely nothing to do with a Mr Grey and purely relates to the use of grey in our interior design as I would not want to be accused of leading you along under false pretences….

Grey is often referred to these days as the ‘new neutral’ and is a popular choice in many areas of interior design. You do not have to look far to find grey furniture, doors, fabrics, or furniture and it is easy to see why. From traditional styled interiors with French grey paintwork to a broad range of contemporary styles this is a great colour choice for a highly adaptable look.


Like any good backdrop, grey is the perfect colour choice to combine with either a monochrome look or if you prefer, to set off splashes of shocking and vibrant colour anywhere in your home. It can take pretty much whatever you throw at it and be used with great success to create the look you want to achieve.

Some would all grey ‘drab’ or boring, but with the infinite number of shades you could choose from,   I fail to understand how anyone could truly believe that.

The contrast of a dark, warm grey cabinets or furniture against clean white walls creates a sleek and stylish interior, particularly when the space is furnished with reflective surfaces and materials. Grey compliments wood beautifully, especially when the shade chosen is a natural looking tone, reminiscent of natural stone, the sky or water.


Shades of grey have a wonderful colour changing effect at different times of the day. My painted kitchen cabinets have warm, putty like tone to them at night, whereas in the day time they vary between a silver grey in the morning light, gradually taking on a pearly, lavender grey tone when the sun shines directly onto them, creating a luminous, soothing effect.

Whether you are drawn to cool pale greys, with subtle tones of green or blue, or warmer aubergine tones that give a space a cosier look, your perfect grey match is out there, just waiting to be discovered. Of course if you cannot find your dream shade of grey out there, you may need to have your perfect shade custom blended especially for you.


Fifty seven? Just completely random I’m afraid.