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So I guess you are probably wondering what the heck goats have to do with bespoke kitchens..?

The answer: absolutely nothing!

But those of you who follow the GRK page on Facebook may recall a post earlier this year  introducing a cute little kid goat called George,  named after George Robinson after arriving on his birthday earlier this year on 22nd February.  George (the kid) was initially called ‘Big George Crazy Legs’ because he was so big it took him a while to get the hang of his legs! By the next morning he had thankfully got the hang of them…

Although George (Robinson) narrowly missed the goat’s birth, he managed to arrive when they were about an hour old and get an early cuddle!

The human George Robinson you see, loves goats, pigs, tractors and growing his own vegetables just as much as he loves designing and building beautiful bespoke kitchens.

George the kid is a pure Boer goat, a breed that was originally developed in South Africa in the early 1900’s for meat production. They are believed to have been bred and developed from the indigenous goats of the Fooku tribes and the Namaqua Bushmen and also combined with some European and Indian bloodlines in order to achieve the desired hardiness and large body frame.

Boers are affectionate goats with docile temperaments, making them far easier to keep than many other breeds. Little, big George is a perfect example of this and providing his tummy is full he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with a human and have his chin rubbed!

George is thriving well in his home in Central Portugal where he is free to roam in and out of his barn as he pleases. He has plenty to graze on, some cute friends to play fight with and likes to sleep under the olive tree when it gets too hot!

The top image is George at just two days old, below is a shot taken of George in the field this morning, he is a little over three months old now and growing into a handsome boy!