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Great interior design should be beautiful and functional, but above all, it should make you feel good. Let’s take a look at some very simple, inexpensive ways to personalise your home and create a space that makes you smile the moment you walk through the door.

Reading Nook

Small cosy spaces where you can curl up get comfortable and unwind with a great book, or a small screen, often become a favourite spot in the home. Whether you incorporate your little snug area in a window bay or position it in the corner of your bedroom with some comfortable soft furnishings, be sure to factor a little nook of your own somewhere within your home.

A little nook is the perfect retreat after a long day, a place where you will feel safe and happy!

Antique Relics

Old items that have been passed down through generations tell a unique story, add interest to your home and can keep you connected to loved ones. Sometimes family heirlooms spend decades packed away in boxes and never see the light of day, but often they can be combined to great effect in a modern contemporary space.


If don’t have any fascinating inherited pieces to dust off and introduce to your living space, perhaps it’s time to get hunting for the perfect item to start a legacy of your own with!



Adding large statement candles or little clusters of tea lights in strategic areas around your home creates an indulgent, homely feel. Fireplaces, mantelpieces, tables, around the bathtub, get creative!

Once lit, your candles will create a warm, comforting and often romantic atmosphere in your home.


Different scents will send triggers to key parts or your brain, reducing stress and making you feel good. Freshly brewed coffee, baking cookies or bread are obvious favourites that make many of us feel blessed out!

If you don’t have time to knock up a batch of feel good cookies, why not add scents to your home, using scented candles or essential oils? Heady scents like ylang ylang and neroli are warm and romantic, lavender is incredibly relaxing and great for insomniacs! Vanilla is comparable to the smell of cookies in the feel good department…

Clean, fresh citrus scents and will make you feel full of vitality and energy. Choose the feel good aromas you love the most and fill your home with them!


Surround yourself with artwork and images that bring a smile to your face and move you. Choose whatever makes you happy, framed photographic images that are personal to you and your family, or paintings and prints by your favourite artists.


Use artwork to decorate your home and express your personality.


The Great Indoors

You will have noticed a growing trend for interior design that blurs the lines between the interior and exterior, bringing the outside in. Plenty of natural light and a connection with the outdoors will help to lift the mood, creating a positive, healthy atmosphere within your home environment.

Pay close attention to the way your windows are dressed to ensure you are not blocking out too much light, or limiting your view of the outdoors, use plants and mirrors creatively around your home to blur those lines as much as possible.

In addition to improving the air quality in your home, indoor plants can also have a positive impact on your overall sense of well being!