Many moons ago, before every home owned a fridge and freezer, families had to rely on other methods to keep their provisions and perishables fresh. A variety of techniques were used to preserve food to extend its life and purpose built larder rooms were constructed to keep meats and dairy products as cool as possible. Slate floors, cool tiles, marble shelving and appropriate ventilation all played a part in the storage of our food.

This once essential room became largely redundant as more and more homes benefitted from the development of the domestic appliances we take for granted today and the larder became a thing of the past from the mid 1940’s onwards.

But larders, (like many great things) have made a comeback and returned to our lives in the form of the attractive larder cabinet.  This great come back has seen bespoke larder cabinets become a must have feature in the majority of new kitchens being designed.


Tall cabinets are convenient and practical and maximise on the available space. I love my larder cabinet, especially when it is well stocked with all of my favourite things! It aids organisation making it easy to lay my hands on what I need when I need it. Storage on the back of the doors caters for smaller items that would otherwise disappear and holds regularly used items.

If you are thinking about incorporating a larder cupboard into your kitchen design, I guarantee you will never regret it, in fact you will wonder how on earth you ever managed without one! They are a key feature that no kitchen should be without.

Plan your cupboard to suit your lifestyle and choose its features accordingly.  A cool granite or marble shelf is a must have for keeping butter and cheese at an optimum temperature before use and will give you the option of popping homemade preserves away when they are still hot. Drawers, wine racks, vegetable baskets and storage for spices are examples of other useful options and make great use of the space.

Larder cupboards are not just for homes with huge kitchens; in fact a full height cupboard makes far better use of the space than separate base units with narrow cupboards overhead.

Great design balances beauty with function and the larder cupboard nails both…. with style.