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I guess I am what you would call house proud, the type of person who has to have her house in order to avoid feeling completely jumbled in the brain department and for me, the kitchen has to be straight and sorted before I am happy to relax or even thinking about  preparing food. I wouldn’t say I have OCD but I am sure some would disagree.

People often say that certain materials and colours and materials are a total nightmare because the dirt will show up and they are hard to keep clean, but if I am honest, I tend to think that was something is dirty, I would want to clean it regardless of whether it was noticeably dirty or not.

Sometimes however this attitude of mine has turned around and bitten me in the bum. A good example of this is the time I decided to go for a cream, practically white carpet in the bedroom just prior to having my second child… but that’s a whole other story. The time I want to tell you about is when I chose stunningly gorgeous, Zimbabwe black granite with a highly polished finish for my kitchen worktops.

Just about everyone I spoke to, (including my long suffering partner), told me I would regret it as it would be a nightmare to keep clean and if I am honest they were all quite right. Some days I wish I had listened, whilst other days I think I would not change it for the world.

Granite is certainly in my opinion an excellent choice for a worktop, primarily because it is so durable. It is highly resistant to heat and scratch resistant and if you go for a granite with a speckled appearance, like my wise buddies all advised me to, it is undoubtedly incredibly easy to care for with just a mild soap and warm water. Granite is not a forgiving surface on which to knock wine glasses over mind you and in my experience the glass will lose every  single time.

Acidic liquids including squeezed citrus fruits and red wine should never be left on your granite surfaces as they can affect its surface, making it appear dull and lacklustre, so it pays to clear up spills as soon as possible. When your worktops are fitted they should have been professionally sealed, as granite is porous and it is advisable to have them resealed every 18 months to keep them looking their best.

The high shine on my worktops means that I have to  wipe them down with an extremely clean cloth, using warm water and a spot of washing up liquid, then dry the surface off by polishing it off in a circular motion to avoid watermarks. This only takes a couple of minutes extra but when you have children who seem to have eternally greasy mitts and enjoy leaving their signature on every available surface day, this can sometimes feel a little tiresome!

My top tip would be to avoid ever getting the granite too oily. A cloth that has been used to clean your pots or plates after spaghetti bolognaise is not your best friend.

So, is life simply too short for shiny granite surfaces? No, not on the whole… my granite worktops are gorgeous and I love them, but if cleaning is your pet hate and you want none of that polishing malarkey I would strongly advise you to steer well clear. As for white carpets, I have never owned a carpet since. Solid wood and tiles throughout, lesson learnt.