Plan A Truly Unforgettable Dinner Party!

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Social networking has slowly developed into an activity that is primarily enjoyed on screens, but the kind of social networking I want to talk about here is the sort where you get to enjoy that awesome sense of human connection and community, whilst breaking the bread around your table with friends.

When was the last time you hosted a dinner party and invited a small group of your favourite people to dine together, have a laugh and catch up over a series of delectable courses (and a beverage or two)?

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Perhaps it’s time to put a date in the diary?

We have collated an awesome list of ideas below, to help you plan a unique dinner party. Read on for inspiration, then sit back and focus on looking forward to an unforgettable evening with your friends, over a mighty good meal!

Add Structure To Your Planning With A Fun Theme

You may have heard it said a thousand times before, but a theme adds instant structure to any event and a dinner party is no exception to this rule. There are several approaches to consider when choosing your theme. For example:

Try planning around your favourite dishes; let’s say you adore Mexican cuisine, use that as a starting point and plan a host of authentic courses, bursting with vibrant colour and flavour, washed down with a few shots of Tequila!

Your theme will also give structure to your decor; think along the lines of insanely bright blooms on the table and a colourful Mexican fiesta. Your guests can take inspiration from Frieda Kahlo’s wardrobe, or fabulous Mexican hats, adding authenticity with their choice of attire for the evening.


Zero Limitations

Whatever you do, avoid placing any limitations on your theme. Whether it’s Star Trek, Salvador Dali, or a good old 80’s theme you have your heart set on, throw convention out of the window and go for it!

The best parties are those planned around your true interests and passions, as this allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination freely.  Apply this theory to your dinner party for some unique and memorable results!

Treat Your Guests To An Interactive Dining Experience

Aside from great conversation, there is no better way to generate precious moments and entertain your guests at the dinner table, than with an interactive foodie experience.

For example:

  • The fondue pot is the ultimate communal cooking experience, cook with cheeses, meats or fruit dipped chocolate for dessert.


  • Add an ice cream station with a selection of flavours and toppings allowing your guests to experiment with their own unique taste sensations.


  • Steak stones on the table provide a fabulous focal point, allowing each guest to cook their meat exactly the way they like it. In addition to steak, you could use them to cook large shrimp, sliced pineapple and even vegetables.


Forget About Time – Enjoy A Prolonged Meal With Friends

Be sure to plan your dinner party on a Friday or Saturday evening, making sure that nobody has to rush off early or be up in the morning for work.

This point is crucial because the most important aspect of a dinner party is that it is an enjoyable, prolonged dining experience.

Following the initial appetizers, each course should be small enough to keep your guests wanting a little more; so that their interest and appetite remains and each course is received with the same enthusiasm as the last.

Sitting around your table with loved ones, breaking the bread and relishing in the authentic human connection you share with one another, you may find yourself mulling over your plans for the next dinner party before the night is even over!