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After choosing all the major elements of your kitchen, such as the cabinets, worktops, flooring etc, you will need to make decisions about the smaller, finishing touches like the handles.

The right choice of handles will compliment your kitchen beautifully but with so many shapes, styles and finishes to choose from, where on earth do you start?

The following tips ought to point you in the right direction..!


A crucial starting point is to take your cue from other elements in the room such as your appliances, light fixtures and any visible hinges on your cabinets. If for example you have already selected stainless steel appliances or light fittings, it probably wouldn’t make sense to choose bronze knobs or handles unless you are certain you can pull this look off.


A boring consideration I agree, but intricate fiddly knobs and handles can be a real pain in the butt to clean.

Just sayin’

Making A Statement

There is nothing to stop you making a real statement and expressing your personality with your choice of hardware, after all it is easy enough to change at a later stage if need be. Colourful glass or ceramic handles are a great way to inject colour, texture and interest into your interior so if the mood takes you, why not go for it?!

Replacing Existing Handles

If you are updating the look of your current kitchen by changing or replacing the handles, the easiest option is to opt for replacements that can be fitted using the existing holes.

If your doors/drawers are solid wood and you would like more flexibility, simply fill the old holes with decent quality two pack wood filler and start again!


It is essential to choose excellent quality hardware in the kitchen. In this frequently used space, durability should not be compromised, choose quality hardware that is durable and attractive.


Take a look at the following selection chosen by our previous customers for a bit of inspiration…

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