Refresh Your Home With An Easy & Inexpensive Update

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Sometimes you need a fast hack to refresh and update your home to get it looking its best for a viewing, some impending visitors or simply for  your own pleasure. You may not have the time or funds to completely redesign the space, however with our simple hacks you may find that you are able to inject a huge dose of style and sophistication to your home with surprisingly little effort!

Rearrange Rather Than Invest In New Pieces


Moving your artwork to another room and arranging it creatively can be a great way to create a completely new look without investing in new pieces.  Keep in mind that artwork can be used to instantly jazz up any area of the home – the kitchen and bathroom are no exception!


Create Your Own Still Life

Add style and interest to cabinets, dressers, shelves and deep windowsills by staging a still life using any accessories and personal belongings that you love to display. Group items like framed photographs, vases, crockery, mirrors, or plants for a polished, yet personalised look.

bespoke furniture

With the right choice of pieces, this can be an incredibly effective way to pull a room together.

Create Some Contrast With A Vibrant Colour Pop


Add a vibrant pop of colour quickly and inexpensively to any area in your home that could do with an extra bit of life and colour, by introducing bright plants, flowers, accessories or fruit.


Get Your Paintbrushes Out

Choose a bold, saturated paint colour to make a big statement on key pieces of furniture,  cabinetry or doors. This is an ideal way to create ambience in a room that was previously  lacking in the personality department!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fairfield-House-Illogan-35 (1)

With unlimited options you can have great fun expressing your creativity and experimenting with different colours, however a great option is to explore some of the deep, moody blue and grey hues that are bang on trend at the moment…


Tired kitchen cabinets and furniture can be transformed with a new coat of paint and some updated hardware, so before replacing items it is well worth considering the potential merits of a makeover!