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2e1ax_default_entry_Mirror-GRKWhen George and his wife had their property renovated a few years back they did their best to retain and restore as many of its original features as possible. This window frame was an original feature of the house that was kept out in the barn to be used at a later date.

Last week it was reinvented as a mirror to accessorise one of the bedrooms, a simple project but a really great way to preserve some of the history of the property and combine the old elements with the new.

Perhaps you have some attractive old frames lying about and would like to have a go yourself…


1. Gloves and goggles are advisable when removing old glass from the frame. Place the frame over a rigid bucket and tap out all of the glass gently into the bucket below.

2. Remove all of the old nails and putty from the frame and give the whole thing a good sand and clean it all up.

3. Old wooden frames are never entirely straight. For best results take the frame into the shop where the glass will be cut so that it can be fitted accurately. Failing that make templates – you may wish to number the pieces if you feel that would help!

4. Stick your mirror pieces in place using a clear tube of silicon which will secure them safely in place. Leave to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

5. Attach brackets or fixings of your choice and hang your mirror in place!



There are lots of other ways you could reuse or repurpose old window frames.

Instead of replacing the glass with mirror, why not make an useful blackboard by placing board finished with blackboard paint in the slots?

Old windows can be used to make lids for cold frames – like a small greenhouse where you can bring on your seeds and seedlings and protect them from cold snaps early on in the year.

Look at my previous blog on making sun dried tomatoes. The box I used for drying was topped with two old window frames and it works incredibly well!