When making choices about any aspect  of your interior design it certainly pays to go for the most ‘timeless’ look where possible as otherwise you risk creating a space that begins to look dated after just a few years. This advice is most relevant when it comes to the more permanent features in the kitchen and bathroom where a change of heart in 12 months time could be unpleasantly costly!

I am fascinated to see the increase in dark grey and even black tones  that are being used lately by a number of interior designers and there is no doubt that in the right room, with the right light, the impact of dark cabinets can look incredible.

Many people are of the opinion that use of white in the home and particularly on kitchen cabinets is just plain boring, but I couldn’t disagree more. After all, we are not just talking about bright pure white, but a multitude of different shades of white that are all subtly different. My entire home is painted white and I love the clean airy look that I can dress up with whatever fabrics, accessories and art I like. This works particularly well for someone like me, as I am prone to changing my mind about things a little more often than my loved ones would like….

The decision to install white cabinets in your kitchen is no different. It is a classic choice that you or anyone else in the future can dress and accessorise in any way you like. White is not boring, or lacking in personality, it is beautifully timeless and can be adapted to suit every style, be it modern, contemporary, or country. For centuries it has been associated with cleanliness and purity and the right shades of white in a home can create a real sense of calm.

When you consider that in a kitchen, the cabinets can take up as much as 40% of the visual space it is obvious what a huge impact your colour decision actually makes. So if you are attracted to white for your kitchen cabinets and have previously been put off by others, perhaps you should think again. Maybe they just need to be shown how it is done! There is certainly a skill in choosing the right shades mind you and it pays to take the time to make an informed decision.

The first thing you need to consider is the tone of white you need to suit the space. If your kitchen is south facing for example, you can pretty much carry off any shade you like because everything works well in a light filled south facing room. In contrast, a north facing room which has the tendency to look cold will need more consideration and preferably a warm tone to reflect the maximum amount of light around the room beautifully.

As well as the natural light to consider, it is important to remember that the tone you choose will be affected by other elements in the room, such as the floor covering. Experiment a little with large samples of the tones you like in the kitchen and watch how the light affects them during the day and at night before committing to your perfect shade of white….

Oh –one last thing….please try not to be influenced too much by a name. It is surprising what suckers we are as consumers when it comes to a good old marketing ploy. Mint sounds so ‘icky’, but try naming it soft eucalyptus instead and suddenly it sounds far more sophisticated! Magnolia is dated now, but vanilla? now that sounds absolutely lush…..

Have fun. x

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