A brand new kitchen is not exactly the cheapest purchase you will make for your home,  so there is a lot of pressure to get it right, after all  this is not a room  you will want to renew or replace anytime soon..

With this in mind, when planning  a new kitchen, we generally  aspire to create a space that looks fantastic, is highly durable and designed to fit the way we want to use it. (Like I said, no pressure..!

Looking at kitchen design in home decor magazines, websites and online galleries is a great way to get some inspiration but it is important to keep your feet on the ground. Home design trends are ever changing, in the same way as fashion on the catwalk, so a style of kitchen design that is popular this year could appear quite dated in a couple of years time.

Your kitchen needs to compliment your environment as a contemporary design could look out of place if it does not coordinate in any way with the rest of the home. The period of your property, its key design features and the size of the space will impact upon the design choices you make.

A room or a design concept for a kitchen that looks incredible in a magazine may not work at all in your home in terms of looks or function, so the best option is to just borrow the ideas you really love, but only if you are certain they will fit your home and lifestyle.

Try to avoid getting caught up with what is fashionable and focus on what ingredients would be vital in your perfect kitchen. Only you can answer those questions because you know what looks great to you, how you want to use your space and what you actually need.

Having sussed out these vital bones, you need a great kitchen designer. This wonderful person will not railroad you into their idea of what looks fantastic, or what you need. Instead, they will listen carefully to what you want and work WITH you. Finding a talented kitchen designer who knows how to apply their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, along with all of their technical brilliance to your aspirations is the key to designing your perfect kitchen. Your perfect kitchen will have oodles of wow factor and you will want the whole world to see it.

You will know your new kitchen is perfect because it will look unbelievable and when you use it, it will function perfectly, because it was designed just for you.