Ten Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

Its easy to lose sight of the fine details when planning a new kitchen, but some of those little details can have a massive impact on functionality, making your life easier and your kitchen a greater pleasure to use. Having access to sufficient plug sockets in the right areas for example, or a handy place to store your composting waste to keep your worktops free of clutter.

Here are ten ideas from our own bespoke kitchens to whet your appetite and give you some inspiration for your own kitchen design…

Clevedon (75 of 98)

Solid wood knife drawer. Protect your hands and blades with a bespoke drawer insert like this one.


Pop up power points allow you to use an area of your kitchen as a workstation, then pop neatly out of sight when not in use.

GRK Port Navas03

Insert waste bins can be used for your black bag waste or as a useful receptacle for collecting your composting waste.


Consider fitting an eco friendly hot water tap like this stunning example from Quooker UK. Cost effective and green!


Spice drawers make great use of a narrow space and make acute feature in your kitchen design too!


This pop up spice rack is operated by remote control. When cooking it pops up from the surface to reveal your spices and some useful plug sockets, when not in use it is concealed and barely visible.


Pop out chopping boards are an attractive and highly functional design feature for any kitchen.


This combo features three in one! – Chopping board, knife drawer and useful composting trays.


Combine some useful additional storage space with a handy little seating area.


Bespoke drawers create highly accessible storage for everything, allowing you to see right to the back of each space quickly and easily.