Treat Your Kitchen To A Detox!

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Treating your kitchen to a reboot this month will leave it looking and feeling fresh and ready for the year ahead. Browse the list we have compiled below for some great ideas for refreshing and cleansing the heart of your home…

Create A Tranquil Vibe In Your Kitchen

Using pale colour and simple accessories, you can create a tranquil atmosphere in this well used room, balancing an otherwise busy environment.


Take A Green Approach To Cleaning

Opt for green alternatives, rather than using strong chemicals to clean your kitchen and keep it looking fresh. Most of your chemical based products can be replaced with simple and effective natural cleaners like white vinegar and baking soda and lemon juice.

Keep an eye out for our next blog, which will be dedicated to cleaning your kitchen using natural cleaners…

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Maximise Your Natural Light

During the winter month those wonderful sunrays that fill the room with light and boost our mood are often in seriously short supply, so if your kitchen is feeling a little gloomy, it may help to revisit your window treatments and make changes to allow more light into the room.

Your choice of window treatment is generally dictated by the amount of privacy you require, but there are plenty of options that will give you the privacy you need at night, whilst allowing plenty of natural light in during the day. If you are lucky, you may not require any window treatment at all!

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Boost Your Mood With A Vibrant Burst Of Colour

There are so many ways to add a little zing to your kitchen to brighten your mood on the dullest of days. You could start small by introducing some colourful artwork, fabrics or china, for a burst of colour, or perhaps opt for a slightly more bold statement by painting a key piece of colour in a bright tone or adding colourful tiles, splash backs or appliances.


Freshen Up The Atmosphere

It’s a bit too chilly to have the windows open at this time of year to allow a fresh breeze to flow through the room, but there are other ways to freshen up the atmosphere in your kitchen.

Plants are a great option if you have the space to accommodate them, because they improve the air quality by cleansing and humidifying naturally, or alternatively you could use some good quality essential oils in a diffuser improve your mood and purify the air in your kitchen and home.

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Target All Unnecessary Clutter In Your Kitchen

January is an ideal month to give your kitchen a thorough de-clutter, removing unwanted or unnecessary items to refresh the entire space. Be as ruthless as you dare to be and target each area of the room methodically. Weed out the dreaded drawer where all of those obsolete and obscure items are typically deposited, then work through the rest, followed by all of the cupboards, getting rid of everything you no longer need or use, then recycle and re-home responsibly!