At the end of last year I decided to buy a decent quality mincing machine and sausage maker so that I could produce quality sausages, mince and burgers for my family.  In no time at all we managed to produce some impressive quality sausages and had great fun trying out a variety of different recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


My favourites so far have been pork with lemon and fennel and pork and apple with plenty of fresh sage. Gaining some control over what I am eating has felt incredibly liberating, particularly as I can now swerve all of the unfamiliar preservatives and additives listed on the ingredients labels of sausages in the supermarket. In light of the recent horsemeat scandal in the UK I could not be happier with my purchases and now cannot wait for the BBQ season to commence! In the meantime I will continue to enjoy endless sausage casseroles, toad in the hole, sausage pancakes and maple syrup feasts, all made with my own home produced sausages.


If you are tempted to have a go at this yourself I can thoroughly recommend Weschenfelders, who are based in Middlesbrough. I went for their Tritacarne No.12 Mincer and the Minnie-Plus Little Demon Rosso Stuffer. I am a sucker for any piece of kitchen equipment that is made in Italy and the sturdy quality was just as I expected.


This particular mincer makes light work of any type of meat you are using. It is a bit on the noisy side but whizzes through kilos of meat effortlessly. I actually found a video online showing a woman mincing a baseball bat with one of these machines. I didn’t have a bat handy to try this out at home…but please let me know if you try this yourself!!


The Minnie-Plus Little Demon Rosso Stuffer comes with three different nozzle attachments, suitable for making anything from chipolatas to choritho sausages. This piece of equipment is surprisingly easy to use and holds up to 6lbs of filling but is easy to reload if you want to produce more.


Producing your own sausages is not difficult, but it is incredibly time consuming. The equipment may be fast but the clean up time before and after, making sure everything is properly sterilised and spotless takes time, as does all the prep…. before you know it hours have disappeared. I have found it is not worth getting everything out unless I am going to make a large batch, but it is great having a good stash of sausages in the freezer.


If you use quality cuts of meat, rusk and seasonings, unlike the dubious, (I am being polite here), contents you could find elsewhere you will not be producing ‘cheap’ sausages. You will however be able to produce top notch gourmet sausages for less that they would cost you to buy and the satisfaction of being able to make your own food taste exactly the way you want it to is unbeatable.


You can put whatever you want into your sausages, as so many producers have recently demonstrated to us! You could try disappearing vegetables to get them into fussy kids without them realising or perhaps cut out meat altogether and use fish or make vegetarian sausages instead.


If you are tempted to have a go yourself I would thoroughly recommend it although it may be a good idea to find a reputable sausage making course in your area and see what you think before splashing out on expensive equipment. Sausage making is great fun and you will have a lot of giggles learning…. followed by some incredibly good meals.


Visit Weschenfelders website for absolutely everything you could possibly need to make your own sausages…. (except the meat)!