Create A Clutter Free Zone

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A growing number of people are realising just how liberating it can be to own fewer things and have fewer things around you. Over time, many of us  appreciate that material abundance is really not all it is cracked up to be, realising that gathering ‘things’ is not the key to happiness.

Learning techniques to master the management of clutter in your home will enable you to keep on top of your personal belongings, creating a more organised environment to live in.

With this in mind, if you are keen to clear out some clutter but are lost as to where to start, we have collated some simple tips and advice for you below…


Each Possession You Own Demands A Little Piece Of Your Time

The ownership of every single item that resides in your home will demand a little piece of your time at some point, with some items demanding more time than others.

Having entered your home, every item you own will require you to take action at some point, when you consider that cleaning, moving, maintaining, storing and even searching for it will involve some commitment of your time.

With fewer items to look after, you immediately gain more time and with this perspective, you may decide that many of the items you have been holding onto are simply not deserving of the investment of your precious time!


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Is It Useful? Does It Bring Me Joy?

Sharpening your judgements so that you are able to recognise which items are important to you, or bring joy to your life, and which items are simply ‘there’ will make the process of removing cluttering much easier on you.

Filter through each area of your home, with a brutal approach, ridding yourself of all unnecessary clutter. Donate unwanted items to charity, pass things on to others who will enjoy and use them, free up your space so that you are surrounded by the most useful and joyful things and nothing more!


Emotional Attachment

Many of us find it difficult to let go of certain items, as we feel attached to them emotionally for some reason. In terms of family heirlooms or other items of sentimental value, this is quite understandable but sometimes we just need an extra prod, to prompt us to let go. For example:

Keeping an item of clothing that you have not worn in years because it was expensive, or holding onto an electrical appliance you no longer use as a spare. These sorts of items will typically spend their lifespan storage and never see the light of day! Release these items from your home and enjoy the space you create in doing so.




Transform Your Home Into A No- Clutter Zone

Clamping down on clutter around the home is so straightforward when each item you own serves a purpose and has a home of its own and this is where well-designed storage comes in.

Take this bespoke utility cupboard for example. The full height run of cupboards maximise every inch of space along the wall adjacent to the entrance, providing convenient storage for bags, coats and shoes as well as neatly concealing a stacked washer dryer, the iron and ironing board and other essential items.


With this kind of furniture your home looks streamlined and clutter free when the doors are closed, and behind closed doors, there is a place for everything.