How To Host The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Party

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What could be more romantic than whipping up Christmas magic in the kitchen, and serving it to your nearest and dearest? It’s certainly a wonderful endeavour that offers huge reward, in seeing the eyes of your guests light up! There’s a lot to think about when it comes to hosting such an event, but with a little diligent planning, you can hold a Christmas dinner party that will be remembered for years to come!

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Have Fun With Your Decorative Theme
Tie everything together with a fabulous Christmassy aesthetic! It’s easy to add wow factor to your entertaining space by choosing a style or colour to build your decorations around. Aside from the eternally classic choice of red, you could opt for a luscious green colour scheme that incorporates lots of textured foliage, and natural objects such as pine cones and cinnamon sticks! Alternatively, you could decide a table that drips with nothing but luxurious gold is the way to go. From super-modern and stylised decorations, to traditional elements such as holly and mistletoe, there are a wonderful range of decorative themes to choose from. Pick something that really grabs you, and enjoy your collection of decorative treasures for years to come!

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Skip The Stress By Getting Organised
It might not be what you want to hear, but without rolling out a military grade organisation strategy, you might not have the wherewithal to enjoy your dinner party with your guests! Of course, you will always have bits and pieces to hop up and do when playing the host, but in an ideal scenario, you will be able to take a central roll in the festive fun too! Heed this handy Christmas Dinner checklist, and make a bulletproof plan:

  • Prepare a shopping list and order all of your Christmas ingredients well in advance. Nobody wants to face the crisis moment of realising the supermarket has sold out of brussels sprouts on Christmas eve!
  • There are some usual suspects that are often forgotten from this key shopping list. Illuminate the easily overlooked, remembering items such as napkins, enough ice in the freezer, and taking stock of cutlery, glasses and so on before a last minute panic.
  • Clear out your fridge and kitchen cupboards a few days in advance, and plan where you will squeeze everything in. If your fridge lacks the capacity for all that needs a cool spot, invest in a sturdy critter-proof box that you can use to chill things outside in the winter cold!
  • Prepare as much as you can in advance. From canapés to gravy – the less you need to do on the day, the better!
  • Lay your festive table the day before, so you can soak up the festive atmosphere throughout the rest of your prep, and have one less thing to think about.
  • Create a schedule for the big day, from when you need to put the turkey – or alternative – in the oven, to when to pop the champagne corks!

Christmas Cocktails

Kick Things Off With A Sassy Christmas Cocktail
A fun and fabulous Christmas cocktail is a wonderful way to entice your guests into a festive mood. A pretty glass of something yummy will get everyone chatting, and keep them entertained while you twirl about getting things done. Opt for something spicy and colourful, and consider a coloured sugar rim on each glass for some added sparkle. Mix some granulated sugar with a couple of drops of food colouring before your guests arrive. Before you, or a handy helper, pour the cocktails, wet the rim of the glass under the kitchen tap, and dip it in your coloured sugar. What a pretty effect!

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Claim Your Christmas Kitchen
At this time of year, the kitchen tends to be the most trafficked part of the house. Who could stay away, with so many wonderful smells wafting out of it?! Allow your decorative festive flourishes to carry over from your dining area to the kitchen too, and enjoy the Christmassy vibe that you get to be creative within. Remember: you can create a festive atmosphere for yourself, just as much as everybody else! For a kitchen that is set to see a lot of action, the golden rule for decorating is to keep work surfaces clear. Make festive lighting functional, by bathing your prep areas with a bit of twinkle! Rather than allowing kitchen visitors to make you feel flustered, take command of your culinary domain, and don’t be afraid to delegate. From whipping the brandy butter to topping up people’s drinks, use the curiously minded to make your hosting role easier!

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Encourage A Playful Atmosphere
Delight your guests by stimulating their minds, and senses! Create a sentimental Christmas playlist well in advance, to set the perfect festive tone. After those cocktails, that no doubt went down a storm, consider introducing some Christmas table games to break up the many courses that Christmas dinner usually entails. A wonderful conversation starter can be to ask everyone what they have been most grateful for from the year that is now drawing to a close, or to ask them to name their top three Christmas wishes for the future! Downloading some silly printable Christmas props, or splurging on some fab Christmas crackers can really zest things up. You’d be amazed how much more jovial people tend to be as soon as they have a paper hat on their heads! The key to creating a memorable Christmas dinner party truly is to let your creativity flow, and have fun. Enjoy the process, and revel in the certainty that your guests will too!