How To Design A Low Maintenance Kitchen

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If you are anything like me, you are probably aware of the great gravitational pull a wonderful kitchen holds, as a social hub for family and friends within any home. A stunning kitchen adds great value to a home, both in the monetary sense and in terms of the pleasure we experience spending time within it. With such a buzz of activity in this key space, it’s absolutely crucial that a kitchen is designed to be not only aesthetic, but also fantastically functional!

Incorporating practical details into the design of a beautiful kitchen means that maintenance will be a breeze, giving you more time to focus on entertaining, having quality kitchen catch-ups and preparing culinary masterpieces! Let’s look at some top considerations to factor in when designing a new Kitchen, for easy-clean convenience.

Strong Layout Strategy

There are certain potential paths of mess-making around a kitchen that can be anticipated, and a little forethought in these areas can reduce the probability of spills. Solutions to make these routes more practical might include having a compost container built into your worktop, for instant mess-free disposal of vegetable off-cuts. Installing some pull out waste and recycling bins below or next to the sink to reduce the risk of drips, and ensuring worktops are clear of bulky objects between the hob and the sink, will allow you to wipe away any spillages without moving clunky items about.

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Brilliant Storage Solutions

At George Robinson Kitchens, we are huge fans of lovely big larder cabinets. Storage is always a necessity in a kitchen, and open shelves can look cluttered while acting as a trap for dust and grease, upping the time you will need to spend dusting and polishing.

We recommend practical, closed storage cabinets that will keep your stored goods clean and ready to use, and allowing you to instantly shut the door on the busyness within, allowing the beautiful presentation of your kitchen to be the loudest thing in the room! Opt for either full height cabinets, that make use of the space while avoiding hard to reach areas (that will also be difficult to clean), or cabinets of a suitable height to offer a practical surface that you can make use of.

Invest In An Excellent Extractor

It can be easy to overlook the value of a high quality extractor, but it is a purchase you won’t regret. Greasy residue from cooking can be avoided all together with this essential item. Investigate how loud an extractor is before splashing out. A quiet extractor will lend itself much more to regular use, serving as a much more amiable cooking companion! A quiet, powerful extractor is in invaluable addition to a great kitchen, so start with these factors before delving into the world of different styles, built in lighting options, and internal filters!


Choose easy-clean appliances

Kitting out a new kitchen with everything from ovens, to fridges, to coffee machines, is an exciting part of the process. While looking for your dream hob or espresso maker, take a moment to imagine cleaning it. Complicated surfaces with tightly grouped knobs or grooves can be a headache to keep immaculate. Depending on your cooking preferences, a flush induction hob will be far easier to wipe down than a gas hob with parts to lift off and scrub.

Many modern appliances offer nifty self cleaning features. We love pyrolytic ovens for just this capacity. These clever ovens feature a cleaning program that quickly heats them to a high enough temperature that debris within the oven is turned to ash. No elbow grease required!

A Sleek Splashback

While the more traditional choice of splashback in a kitchen is tiles, there are some really sleek alternatives available. We love glass splashbacks not only for their easy maintenance, but as a fantastic opportunity to add an interesting feature and even a touch of colour to compliment a stunning kitchen.

Cleaning grout is not a favourite job for anyone, so if opting for tiles, consider larger tiles for lower maintenance, or an eye-catching dark grout that will look wonderful while being a little more forgiving. Other possibilities include polished stone, brushed stainless steel, or even something as striking as antique mirror.


User-friendly Surfaces

Your kitchen will no doubt see heavy use, and bear witness to the making of many memories. Choosing materials that are easy to wipe clean will help it withstand all that loving attention! Opt for a durable high-quality kitchen paint to save time and money in the future. Consider stain resistance when choosing your floor and counter top materials. Avoid cut-out handles on cupboard doors that will likely attract crumbs, and weigh up the pros and cons of ornate detailing, especially when in close proximity to messier areas such as the sink and hob.